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300 Click for offerProbably not: Chiefs, Saints, Rams. Dominic T-C on “Want a House Like This? Prepare for a Bidding War With Investors”

This shadow trooper figure stands a whopping 24 inches tall and is armed with huge T-21 heavy blasters. He also has wheels on his feet for easy mobility.  Kelly Baxter was 36 years old and had just moved to Illinois with her 41-year-old husband, Ted, when he suffered a disabling stroke that derailed his high-powered career in international finance. It derailed her life as well.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKEBefore Douyin, there was Youku ("ku" in Chinese means "cool"), commonly seen as China's version of YouTube -- which, by the way, you can't access in China. A few moments later, outside the building, scores of protesters took a loose vote on what to do. “We leave together! We leave together!” A group rushed back inside to retrieve the few still in the chamber and dragged them away.

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYWASHINGTON — The Federal Aviation Administration said on Sunday that some Boeing 737 Max planes might have parts that were improperly manufactured, requiring replacements, the latest issue to hit the world’s largest plane maker. These approaches aren’t mutually exclusive; Democrats probably need to balance them. But Pelosi shouldn’t be triangulating against the party’s impassioned young idealists to cultivate voters who are susceptible to right-wing demagogy. Rather than making Democrats seem more centrist, publicizing her contempt for the squad makes the party look weak and riven, and Trump, with his predator’s nose for vulnerability, has charged in to exploit the resulting discord.

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My Persian friend in New York had spoken of the persistence of magic in Morocco, and of a sphere where the old gods were yet to be overthrown. In Taroudant, I knew I would be leaving this sphere behind me, climbing up into the mountains, back into the bled al-makhzen, the region of law. The world of Islam would return, grafted thinly upon a core of older belief — what Wharton calls the “old stone and animal worship, and all the gross fetichistic [sic] beliefs from which Mahomet dreamed of freeing Africa.” Even from the great mosque at Tinmel, once the Almohad capital, it would be impossible to re-enter the feeling I still had as I stood in that great house on the other side of the Atlas. Over the next several days of driving over and through the Cévennes’ ravines, mountain passes, and tablelands — known here as causses — I similarly feared I was pushing our beast of burden beyond its operational limits. The Citroën struggled noisily during steep climbs and descents, invariably acquiring a tail of impatient drivers unable to pass us on the twisting, narrow roads. Occasionally it produced burning smells and grinding sounds whose source I couldn’t pinpoint. Clutch? Brakes? Motor? And yet our ride did not fail us, delivering us safely to our destination each night.

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As for bathrooms: three to four maximum. But if you’re staying in a rental home that doesn’t have as many bathrooms, plan accordingly between planned outings. “Make sure you plan a little extra time between your reservations,” Ms. Clause said, “so each girl has plenty of time to make themselves look pretty and be ready to go so you don’t have girls fighting over the bathroom time.” [To follow the Afghan war peace negotiations, sign up for the weekly At War newsletter.]

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Facebook and YouTube didn't immediately responded to a request for comment.  Landlord’s Broker: John P. Howard, MHP Real Estate Services

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An article on Page 88 about 19 art shows that highlight a new focus on inclusion referred incorrectly to a museum in Washington. It is the National Gallery of Art, not the National Art Gallery. Carlos Valero, a lawmaker in Venezuela’s opposition-controlled National Assembly, points to the arrests of the two national guardsmen as evidence that government employees played a hand in the smuggling ring. But an investigation he opened last month has gone nowhere, he said, blocked by the country’s ruling party.

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