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300 Click for offerThe only candidate who can rescue us from the current national mayhem is Michael Bloomberg. Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Julián Castro, Tulsi Gabbard, etc. Get real. Come down to earth. You simply do not have the throw-weight to tackle Donald Trump. Joe Biden, you’re a good man. But you’re a two-time loser. Stop dreaming. In policy circles, heavyweight economists have churned out scathing attacks. In the business arena, titans like Laurence D. Fink and Bill Gates have labeled it “garbage” and “crazy talk.” And in academia, when the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business asked top scholars about a couple of its claims, they split between the 28 percent who disagreed and the 72 percent who strongly disagreed.

Blackburn, they say, said she would work with them to secure funding. She initiated a strategic planning effort meant to lay the groundwork for the Salk’s next 50 years. The faculty was split into committees; the mandate for Emerson and Lundblad’s group included assessing the state of faculty culture and diversity. So far the digitized database runs from 1873 through 1947 and can search more than 1 million pages.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE“If you plant it, they will come,” says Catherine Werner, sustainability director for the city of St. Louis, Mo., referring to the milkweed on which female monarch butterflies lay their eggs and the resulting caterpillars hatch and feed. Since 2014, Werner has led the Milkweeds for Monarchs program, which now includes a 30-acre pollinator pathway along the Mississippi River and more than 400 milkweed and nectar-flower gardens in backyards, front yards, schoolyards and rooftops across the city. Mr. Rosenstein shot back at critics, saying that he and other lawyers cared about facts, whereas “in politics, belief is the whole ballgame. In politics — as in journalism — the rules of evidence do not apply.”

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYHabla del ciberacoso con los niños y explícales que, si sucede, no es su culpa. Enséñales a no ignorarlo (deben informárselo a un adulto de confianza y tomar capturas de pantalla) y establece un plan de acción que defina qué deben hacer si los atacan. Martin Ramirez Sostre was born in Harlem on March 20, 1923, to Crescencia and Saturnino Sostre. His mother was a seamstress and hatmaker, his father a merchant marine. During the Great Depression he was forced to drop out of school to help his family. He was drafted into the Army in 1942 but was dishonorably discharged in 1946 after being involved, by his account, in a fight between rival companies.

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The distractions that come from your smartphone, like social media feeds and the temptation to photograph every moment, can also take away from genuinely enjoying the moment, Mr. Harris explained. The content generated from cinema broadcasts only facilitates a company’s presence on social media and other online platforms. But Mr. Gelb is wary of diluting the Met’s brand by joining aggregate streaming sites.

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Fourth is the need for identity markers. We live at a time when many of the traditional sources of identity (ethnicity, rooted neighborhood) are being erased. Astrology tells you who you are and what traits you have. In a highly diverse society, it also tells you what sort of people you’re likely to be compatible and incompatible with. When I hear people talk about astrology, this is how they are using it. While Mr. Christie may not have known what his associates were planning, Ms. Kelly said he clearly knew there was something going on.

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The situation grew so dire that the federal government threatened to take over the agency and intervened earlier this year, appointing an independent monitor to supervise the agency, known as NYCHA. _________

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“They’ve helped reignite interest in theatrical documentaries,” Stephen Gilula, a co-chairman of Fox Searchlight, said of Neon. Brokers: Joshua Kleinberg and Frank Liggio of Cushman & Wakefield

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