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Wentz threw for 189 yards and one touchdown. Nate Gerry returned an interception for a score, Orlando Scandrick took a strip sack the distance and Philadelphia routed the Jets, 31-6, on Sunday. On day three of the World Cup if featured: Australia, Brazil, England, Italy, Jamaica and Scotland. 

The city provides funding to the nonprofit Planned Parenthood, but that organization’s affiliates charge patients on a sliding scale and offer a range of services. The city’s public hospital system also performs abortions, but women face a bureaucracy of requests for proof of income, private insurance and Medicaid. The nearly 50 million surveillance cameras in the US could be used to police people as smart technology improves, according to an ACLU report released Thursday. The Dawn of Robot Surveillance looks at the increasing number of cameras installed by government agencies and how advancements in artificial intelligence and facial recognition are making those cameras smarter, which the ACLU says could present civil rights issues.

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In June, Amazon launched Alexa for Hospitality. Participating hotels will be able to customize Alexa's responses to fit various hotel services. Guests can order room service, call the front desk, get recommendations for nearby restaurants and perhaps even control the smart lights and smart blinds in their room. Other Lightroom competitors include Skylum's Luminar, ON1's Photo Raw, Bergen's Darkroom, DxO PhotoLab and Corel AfterShot.

Yet Century posted a million loss last year, compared with a million profit in 2017. A big reason for the loss was a sharp spike in the price of alumina, the substance that is smelted to produce aluminum. A major cause of the increase: Authorities in Brazil ordered a huge alumina producer to operate at half capacity after a spill. When Amazon first introduced the Echo Show ( at Amazon) in 2017, it seemed like the logical progression of the product line: An Alexa-powered smart speaker, but with a screen.

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Log InThose adventures often ended badly — sometimes in front of a firing squad. Thomas Paine, the author of “Common Sense,” spent a year in a dank cell in revolutionary Paris. Western leftists who went to fight in the Spanish Civil War, like the British writer George Orwell, had to flee when communist allies turned on each other. More recently, John Walker Lindh, an American who joined the Taliban before the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, was captured in Afghanistan, prosecuted in the United States and sentenced to 20 years in prison. Of course drip done right is essentially a fancy pour-over, an old-school technique that has enjoyed a renaissance in trendy coffee shops. The keys to quality drip are water temperature (approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to 93 Celcius), brew time (between 4 and 8 minutes), proper ratio of grounds to water, appropriate grind size and of course the freshness of your beans. On the surface it all sounds simple but I assure you it is anything but and only a select few automatic coffeemakers I've tested can pull this feat off. For an in depth deep look at the complex interplay of all these factors check out my guide to better home coffee brewing.